What to Do If Your Car Insurance Is Too Expensive


Sometimes, no matter how many deals you hunt for or which tips you use, your car insurance is just too expensive. Some people have too many tickets on their record or accidents in their driving history for car insurance to be affordable any longer. In these cases, it can feel tempting to do something ill-advised like drive without insurance.

However, there are better options. If your car insurance has become too expensive for you to keep a policy on your vehicle, try these methods of getting around instead. Trust us, you don’t want to get pulled over while driving uninsured.

Sell Your Car

Let’s face it: if you can’t afford the car insurance on your vehicle, it’s time to cancel the policy and sell the vehicle. It can be painful to face this reality, and many people would rather keep the car but just not pay the insurance bill. However, driving uninsured is a crime, and the vehicle isn’t doing you any good just sitting in your driveway. Sell it and use the money you make to pursue one of these other options.

Buy a Different Kind of Vehicle

Have you considered buying a bike? Cycling isn’t just good for you, it’s a sustainable mode of transportation. While you might prefer to drive places, owning a bike is a low-maintenance way to get where you’re going. You don’t need insurance on a bike, it doesn’t take gas, and the cost of repairs is negligible compared to owning a car.

Unless you live in a particularly spread-out region, you should have plenty of places within biking distance to shop and work.

In some states, you can even own and operate a moped without needing to insure it. You often don’t even need a driver’s license to operate mopeds. However, this isn’t the case in every state, so review local laws before pursuing this option.

Ride Sharing

Do some quick math: figure out how expensive it is to Uber from your house to your job. Then, factor in a few trips to the grocery store, maybe a couple of visits to the movie theater. Then, compare these costs to the cost of owning, insuring, and maintaining a car. If the cost of getting ride shares around town is less than the cost of insuring your vehicle, it’s pretty clear which of these is the preferable option.

Another upside, you’ll never have to worry about finding parking or getting a designated driver. For many people, this is a preferable option to spending hundreds of dollars on car insurance every month.