These Habits Are Hurting Your Wallet–and Your Waistline


Eating healthy has a reputation of being expensive and hard to maintain. Many people will explain that their dietary choices, while less than ideal, are the result of how expensive it is to eat right. And some studies do back this up, like a 2013 Harvard study. However, when you know where to look, eating healthy can actually be much more affordable than you might think.

Read on for our tips on how to save money and eat healthy at the same time!

Buying Snacks, not Meals

When you go to the grocery store, go in with a plan. Make sure you’re ready to buy meals. Think about the healthy meals you want to be eating throughout the week and center your purchases around facilitating those. When you buy in bulk and prepare multiple portions at once, you’ll find you’re able to make multiple meals out of inexpensive ingredients.

You don’t even need to buy particularly high-end ingredients to make tasty meals that are good for you, either. Simple things like rice, beans, veggies and fruits won’t set you back much at the grocery store. It’s simply a matter of pulling together the energy to make meals, instead of just buying snacks, that is stopping you.

Hitting the Drive-Through

Hitting the drive-through for a quick meal after work is always tempting. After all, it’s right there! The food isn’t that expensive, and it fills you up. What’s not to love? Well, consider the money you’ve already spent on the groceries you have at home. When you’re spending money on food while you’re out, you’re letting your groceries go another day uneaten. That’s inefficient, and, if it leads to you throwing things away, then you’re losing money coming and going.

Not to mention, the drive-through usually isn’t that good for you. Cheeseburgers, greasy fries and sugary sodas aren’t exactly ideal for your health.

Your Daily Soda–or Three

If you commonly buy sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks or energy drinks to drink while you’re around the house, or heading out with friends, you’re probably spending a lot of money. These drinks aren’t just expensive: they’re loaded with calories, and they’re not good for you.

Consider cutting these drinks out of your diet and drinking water, instead! If you need a pick-me-up, consider making coffee at home. Not only is black coffee good for you, but buying ground coffee to make yourself is much more affordable than hitting stores for sugary drinks every day.