Saving Money on School Supplies and Helping Teachers at the Same Time


Teachers work pretty hard, especially lately, to make sure your kids are safe, happy, and well-taught. And, as many reports show, teachers often buy supplies for their own classrooms, using money out of their own pockets. Many parents have expressed that this scenario is unacceptable, and have started trying to pitch in to help teachers cover these costs.

If you’re looking to pick up school supplies for an affordable price to help enrich your children’s learning experience, you’re not alone. Let’s take a look at some tips for finding the best deals around on school supplies!

When to Shop

During the back-to-school shopping season, you’ll want to hit the deals early in the week. For most grocery stores, their weekly sales start on Sundays. During the busiest times of the year, the items that are on sale sell out quickly. If you’re looking to get in on the savings, you’ll want to hit the store early, around open on Sunday, or before 5 PM on Monday.

As a general tip, this goes for anything you’re buying from a grocery store. In general, if you want to find deals in stock, shop on Sunday.

Buying Backpacks

Good, durable backpacks can be expensive. The best time to shop for these, strangely enough, is often during the summer months. Demand for school backpacks is at the lowest in the summer months, making this the “off-season” for the industry.

Check websites like Amazon and deals sites like this one for short-term backpack deals that could pop up over the summer.

Wait for Tax-Free Weekend

Many states have one weekend or one day out of the year that is set aside as tax-free for certain products. In many states, school supplies are one of those such products. Check your state’s rules on this online and see when the right time to shop for school supplies will be.

Depending on how high sales tax is in your state, shopping tax-free could be a serious discount on your items.

Buy Clothing from Target on Monday

Here’s another timing tip you might not know: Target marks down children’s clothing on Mondays. Those clearance markdowns are a great way to buy fashionable, high-quality clothes for your kids before the school year starts back up. However, this deal isn’t just in late summer, so if your kids need new clothes any time of year, remember to check Target on Mondays.