How to Work Out on a Budget


If you pay for a gym membership or routinely go to exercise classes, you know how expensive working out can be. While it’s necessarily a bad thing to spend money on exercise, it can be hard to justify when you can work up a sweat for free.

So, if you’re trying to save money this year or are interested in workout routines that don’t require spending hundreds of dollars a month, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ideas for working out on a budget:

Utilize YouTube

It can be hard to find the motivation to work out from home, but it is possible! In fact, there are plenty of incredible workout videos available on YouTube that’ll get you moving and sweating in no time. Whether you want to do a cardio workout, a yoga session, or want to learn how to properly lift weights, I guarantee there is a YouTube video out there for you. While some videos may require a subscription or payment, there are plenty available for free. 

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Coupons

Are you more of a group workout person? Do you enjoy being pushed by an instructor? If so, keep your eyes peeled for any workout class coupons in your area. Countless gyms offer deals to workout classes (like buy one, get one free) in order to get more people through their doors. If you like a specific gym and want to know if they have any specials going on, go to the gym and ask! There’s a good chance they’ll be able to offer you some sort of discount.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

The easiest — and cheapest — way to get great exercise is to do it outside. Maybe now’s the time to get into running, walking, biking, or playing a sport with friends! Sure, it may not be as fun as taking part in a pilates or spin class, but it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Don’t Be Afraid of Used Equipment

If you’re wanting to create a gym inside your home but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on used workout equipment, don’t be afraid to find used stuff! In fact, you can find really great equipment — such as treadmills, weights, bikes, etc. — on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for less than $50. All you need to do once you get the equipment is clean it (which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes) and you’ll be good to go!