Are you looking to start your next home renovation project? Do you want to upgrade your kitchen appliances? If so, now’s the time to hit up your local Home Depot. But, while home improvement projects can oftentimes be a little pricey, there are plenty of ways to save.

Rent Power Tools

If you’re planning to build something yourself — like a table or dresser — there’s absolutely no need to run out and buy a bunch of expensive tools. In fact, you can rent tools at Home Depot for a few hours or more for much less than it would cost to buy the tools themselves. For example, you can rent a heavy-duty tool that would typically cost a couple of hundred dollars for less than $30! Or, if you need a serious carpet cleaner for rugs in your home, you can rent that as well.

Shop at the Right Time

Depending on what you’re looking to buy, make sure to shop when those items or appliances are on sale. For example, kitchen appliances and fixtures are usually up to 40% off the first few months of the year. Do your research, look into when Home Depot has their sales, and shop accordingly. You don’t want to buy something in March and then realize it’s going on sale in April!

Price Match From Amazon

If you find something in Home Depot that you’re looking for and notice it’s available on Amazon for a cheaper price, Home Depot will give you a price match! Just remember — it needs to be sold and shipped by Amazon, not a third-party company. 

Discounted Paint

Plenty of people return paint that doesn’t work for their home, and it’s usually re-sold for up to 70% off! If you’re looking for neutral paint or just want to see what colors are available, ask a Home Depot employee where their “oops bins” are located. You can find gallons of paint that would normally cost $30 or $40 for less than $10. 

Search For Coupons

Sign up on Home Depot’s website to receive coupons from them, but also make sure to check sites like for any great deals. And, if you sign up for Home Depot’s coupons, you’ll more than likely be informed when they have great sales going on or an upcoming deal that may be worth checking out.