The Daniel Diet – Can it Work For You?

In Leviticus, God gave dietary laws to the Jewish people, otherwise known as keeping kosher. Many of these requirements were due to the cooking conditions of the time. For example, it was difficult to cook pork or shellfish in a safe way, and so they were forbidden.

Today we live in a world that has an abundance of choices for food. Our food is kept safe and clean, and modern ovens can cook any meat safely. Unfortunately, this means that we have let ourselves become fat. We have let the temples of our body become sullied with things we don’t need.

Many Christians have returned to the Bible for guidance. One example is the Daniel Diet. Daniel purified himself for God by eating only vegetables and water.

While that is not a nutritious diet for the long-term, by setting short-term goals, many people are finding that it lets them consider every bite and become aware of why they are eating. This time can be spent in prayer and communion with God.