Top Tips for Buying Secondhand Clothes

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Buying secondhand clothing is easier than ever and a wonderful way to save money while looking good.

Try these three proven tips to get the best bargains for your clothing budget.

Do your homework and be ready.

To find the best deals takes a little research before you start.

Look up secondhand clothing, thrift stores and even yard sales online near you to see where you can go to shop for what you need.

Established stores will have their days and hours of operation and if they have any special promotions going on. Are you a senior citizen? Rock that grey hair to deep discounts on senior citizen appreciation day!

On the day of your outing be sure to prepare for walking- a lot of walking! Wear shoes that can stand up to hours of walking and standing. Comfy clothing that’s easy to slip out of is ideal for quick changes to try on your potential outfits.

Strategize to maximize.

If you’re only shopping for clothing then look for the clothing the minute you enter the store.

Thrift shops are designed to distract you with wonderful wears- and bargain prices- but unless you buckle down to business you’ll only be able to hit a couple of stores in your shopping day.

Clothing is generally clearly marked with category and size. If you’re looking for a good two-piece suit head right over to the two-piece suit rack, then check for your size.

Some shops will have a special section for designer or big-name clothing and better accessories are usually at the front of the store in locked display cases. See something you like? Just ask an associate for help- they’re happy to see you get something you want and if charity based, a sale helps others too!

Clean before wearing.

Even the best stores can have a certain ‘smell’ to them but it doesn’t mean the clothing is bad!

Check garment labels before buying- dry cleaning costs a bit but if you’re considering something especially nice, like a wool coat or designer suit, the cleaning is part of the investment.

At home ‘dry cleaning kits,’ can be used at home, and washable clothing can be popped into your washer- be sure to follow label directions! Spray-on products like Febreze can all be used to clean and freshen clothing and other items like heavy cots, shoes and hand bags that won’t fit in your washing machine.

Before you commit to your purchase check that any potential buy has all of it’s buttons, the zippers work smoothly and that there are no rips, tears or impossible to remove stains.

Follow these awesome tips and you’ll be shopping like a pro- and look like a million dollars!