Thrift Shipping in Your Pajamas: Where to Buy (and Sell) Second Hand Clothing Online

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You already know there are countless places to buy new clothes at the click or tap of a button. What if you’re a hardcore bargain hunter though? If you’re a thrift queen, there’s some good news. You don’t have to trek down to the local goodwill to go thrift shopping anymore. You can just grab your smart phone or log onto the web and, bam, the hunt is on!
If you’re ready to pop some tags and you’re looking for a come-up, you should definitely check these out!

ThredUp – If you’re looking for women’s or children’s clothing, ThredUp is a great place to start. (They also have a “with tags” option if you’re looking for new items with huge markdowns.) You can find everything from department store brands to designer goods here, too. The final sale and clearance pieces make for the best bargains. There’s also a “basement” section for slightly flawed items… $150-200 jeans for under $20? I’ll take ‘em! – This site is very, very similar to ThredUp, just less polished and less designer-oriented. However, unlike ThredUp, you can also find Men’s clothes, toys, movies, books, and more!  (Get free shipping on your first order over $10!)

Both ThredUp and also let you send in boxes of used clothing for consignment. They’ll pick the items they think they can resell and give you a list of prices. If there are styles they can’t sell, they’ll offer to send them back or donate them for you.

Poshmark – The Poshmark app lets you buy and sell all kinds of used clothing. Shipping can be a bit steep, and prices vary widely as they are set by each individual seller. If you’re looking for high-end bargains or just want to browse, there are definitely deals to be had. You can easily lose track of time just scrolling through the plethora of items available. Also, if you find a seller with multiple items you like, you can often grab a bundle discount.

Ebay – The classic auction site is still a valid place to go bargain hunting, especially if you’re looking for something specific. The key is mastering advanced searching methods.

Etsy – There’s a whole vintage section here, though it’s sometimes difficult to navigate. Sizing can vary quite a bit, and there’s no really easy way to sort through everything. Often you won’t find super amazing bargains so much as you will find “curated vintage.”

Instagram – There’s a hashtag for everything! You won’t have the security here that you’ll have on Poshmark, but sometimes a deal is worth the risk. Since the resale companies all take a cut of every sale, some people prefer this option. Try searching #shopmycloset to see what folks are selling.

Facebook groups – If you’re a brand loyalist (lulu lemon, black milk, lularoe, etc.) there are buy/sell/swap groups for a lot of popular companies. You can also look for local buy/sell/swap groups in your city for local transactions.
The internet won’t replace the thrill of sifting through the thrift store racks and finding that amazing vintage piece. However, we hope this list does help aid you in your quest for one-of-a-kind deals. Good luck and happy hunting!