Little Known Perks of Amazon Prime: Get the Most of Your Subscription


Amazon Prime offers way more than just shipping benefits. Whether or not you already have a Prime account, you’ll definitely want to check out this list of benefits. From discounts to straight up freebies, read on to learn the secrets of Amazon Prime.

Pick up and send back packages using Amazon Locker.

Amazon Lockers are a boon to people that have difficulties receiving deliveries at home. They’re a safe and secure kiosk where the customer can pick up and return packages at their convenience.

Get credit when you don’t need fast shipping.

One of the biggest perks of Amazon Prime is the included free 2-day shipping. However, if you don’t need your delivery in 2 days, you can choose “no-rush shipping.” This can give you anywhere from $1-$5 towards other Amazon services.

Receive one day and same day shipping.

All you have to do is check if you’re eligible here.

If the service is available in your area, expect packages ordered in the morning to get there later that night.

Receive 2-hour delivery with Prime Now.

If same day and one day shipping aren’t fast enough, certain major cities are now implementing Prime Now. This is a service that Prime members can make use of. You can receive standard shopping items this way, or even order take-out from participating restaurants.

College Students get half a year of free Amazon Prime.

All that’s required is a .edu e-mail address and proof that you’re taking a class. After that, Amazon will give you 6 months of Prime. Once that expires, you’ll still receive a 50% discount to renew it.

If packages arrive late, get free Prime.

You could get your Prime membership extended once a month if packages are late. Just make sure to let Amazon know.

Use dash buttons to reorder things with a single click.

For essential items that constantly need reordering, pick up an Amazon Dash Button. At the click of a button, Amazon will automatically order and ship the product the button is made for. The initial fee of the button will be refunded on the first purchase.

Receive a free subscription to the Washington Post.

Get 6 months of free digital access with your Prime account.

Enjoy instant access to tons of popular movies, tv shows and music!

Get Twitch Prime for free!

If you’re into video gaming and watching live streams, reap the benefits of Twitch Prime. You can even subscribe to one of your favorite streamers for free. P.S. You can get all sorts of cool in-game loot, too!

Shopping for lightning deals?

Get a 30 minute heads up on the general public! When that hot item everyone wants goes on sale, you can be one of the first to nab it!
Get all the details on the Amazon Prime website.