Don’t Believe It! Coupon Myths Busted

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Coupons are great for saving you money but sometimes it seems like there are so many rules it makes it not worth the time and effort you’ll spend.

Here are six coupon myths, busted!

1.”Clipping coupons take too much time.”

Time is money and you’ll find that if you set aside as little as 10-20 minutes a week clipping and using coupons you’ll save.

It might take a bit to get the hang of it at first but once you’ve got the hang you’ll reap the benefits!

2.” I can never find a coupon for what I use.”

Between store circulars with coupons, online searching and coupons from the newspaper it’s still hard sometimes finding your brand.

But what if you could try a different brand for a lot less? Switching brands is a great way to save and try a new brand you might even like better!

3.” It’s not worth it to use 25 or 50 cent coupons.”

This is where a little pre-shopping footwork (or online work) comes in handy.

If your store doubles the coupon value you’re saving small but it quickly adds up!

4.” But I’m spending more buying more.”

The coupon might read “Save $1 off 6 yogurts” but you’re still saving on each individual product.

Most coupons are for single items or ‘buy one get one free/half off’ anyway.

5.” Most coupons are for pre-packaged, processed food.”

Sure, there’s a lot of those coupons out there.

There are also coupons for fresh eggs, cheese and organic foods. Grocery stores also offer coupons in their circulars for bakery items, meat and produce.

Not to mention the TONS of coupons you can find for non-perishable items like toothpaste, shampoo and toilet paper!

6.” Online sign-ups have spyware or spam your email account.”

Most coupon printing sites are protected and don’t use spyware. These programs may limit the number of coupons you can print from them each day.

Email lists keep you appraised of sales and coupons you can print out (or access via your smartphone.)

Read the privacy policy just to make sure and if you feel like you’re getting too many emails you can opt out of many of their offered product emails.

Now that you know the truth, get out there and start saving- with coupons!