Save Money at the Pump with Proper Auto Care

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Gas is not cheap, but it’s required for most people to get to and from work and accomplish everyday tasks. Aside from using gas apps to find the lowest gas price near you, performing regular, on-time maintenance can save you hundreds per year.

Tire Pressure

By keeping your tires properly inflated you can save up to $900 per year on gas. Aside from saving money on gas, low tire pressure causes premature tire failure costing you even more.

You can buy a digital air pressure gauge for around $10.00 at any auto parts store or a standard tire gauge for even less. Your tire pressure should match the recommended pressure which is normally found on a decal inside the driver’s door of the vehicle.

Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs should be changed every 100,000 miles. Misfires and missed combustion can cost you over $500.00 per year in wasted fuel. Most failures happen during the last 20,000 miles of the 100,000-mile life of the plugs so replace them about 80,000 miles and you’ll save on fuel.

If your vehicle has a four-cylinder engine, they may need replaced even sooner. Either way – replace them earlier than they are due, and you’ll end saving at the pump.

Air Filter

Engines consume about 14 million gallons of air each year through the air filter. Older vehicles can see an increase in fuel usage by about 10 percent due to dirty air filters. Check your filter each time you change your oil and replace it as needed – no less than once per year.


If your car is out of alignment by even just .017 in, you’ll spend a little over $180.00 per year more in gas. This is another preventative maintenance check you can do yourself by purchasing a tread depth gauge for about $2.00. If your vehicle needs aligned it will cost you around $80.00, but you’ll still be saving over $100 per year.

The savings mentioned are based on a vehicle that drives around 20,000 per year in a vehicle that gets 20 miles per gallon. Each vehicle is different, but if you have not performed any of the above maintenance, your spending no less than $1,500 per hundred in gas that you could be saving.

One last tip is to keep your speed down to around 55 miles per hour. Set your cruise control and it will save you up to $600 per year!