Pest Control on the Cheap: Mice

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Having mice in your home is not only unsafe for you and your family, but also your home. Mice can carry a number of diseases and the wreak havoc on things like your home’s electrical wiring, insulation, furniture and even your food! Mice extermination costs range anywhere from $300 – $500; however there is a cheap an easy solution to keep your house mouse-free!

 Natural Remedy

There are a ton of natural remedies for ridding your house of pests. One of my favorite myths is that cucumbers get rid of cockroaches. I’ve got news for you – cucumbers do not kill cockroaches. Fortunately, there is a natural remedy for repelling mice.

Mice rely on the sense of smell more than their vision. They have very weak eyesight, but extremely an extremely high sense of smell. So what smell do they absolutely hate and will avoid at all costs that you will likely love? Peppermint! Yes, they hate peppermint. Let’s take a look at ways to incorporate peppermint in your home to keep the mice away.

How-To Incorporate

The first option, which happens to be my favorite is to grow peppermint plants. You can grow them indoors and out and it will deter mice from wandering around or entering your home. You can also use the peppermint leaves to make a variety of drinks or other edibles.

If you don’t want to grow peppermint, you can also use peppermint essential oil in different areas of your home. Knowing this handy trick can also help you trap existing mice much easier. Use peppermint to keep them from most areas of your home and set mice traps to capture them to the area they will go to (an area where you have no peppermint).

If you do see a mouse, it is important to trap it immediately. Although they look cute and furry, one single female mouse can have up to 10 litters of mice per year – birthing approximately six new mice per litter. By keeping the mice away, you’ll save a fortune if your problem becomes to big to control.