Never Pay Full-Price for Text Books

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College tuition is extremely expensive, but the out of pocket expenses that are required to attend college can break the bank! Never get your required textbooks at the college bookstore. You’ll pay a ton more for the exact same book you can buy or rent somewhere else. Here are some alternatives that will save you money.

Buy Used

Textbook publishers have tried their best to keep anyone from buying used textbooks, but the fact is – you can. Used textbooks can be found at a number of different places online at a fraction of the price. Your college may even have a textbook exchange program that will allow you to buy and sell books to other students.

Visit sites like Amazon,,, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and to look for used textbooks sold by private parties or used-book retailers. Many professors are sympathetic to students financial means and will gladly guide you on what books you can buy older editions of to save even more money.

Renting Textbooks

Some school bookstore allow you to rent the books as opposed to buying them. If you don’t think you’ll need to use the book as reference after the course is over, this is an excellent option. You can also rent books from,,, as well as many other online retailers.


Another great option for textbooks is buying the eBook version. eBooks cost less than physical books and sometimes you can get lucky and find a completely free PDF of the book.

Before you explore any of these options – be sure to check with your college to see if they have open-source textbooks. This is a newer program that allows students to view the books online or share the physical books without copyright limitations. You’ll likely still have a few books that must be purchased so explore all of the above options before you pay for a new book and always compare prices before buying new.