Cheap and Easy Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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If you call a professional to remove popcorn ceiling texture, you’ll pay between $1 – $2 per square foot. The average homeowner spends over $1,500.00 to remove the unwanted texture. Popcorn ceilings not only drop the value on your home but are also pretty unsightly when they are older and stained.

Prep the Room

Unfortunately, this is a very messy job! Everything including the floor, ceiling and furniture needs to be covered, but there’s an easy solution that will have you starting your project in just a few minutes! You’ll want to head to your local home improvement store such as Lowe’s, Home Depot or Menards and pickup sheeting pre-taped plastic sheeting. This stuff is a lifesaver for this project!

Simply go around your entire room starting where the ceiling and wall meet and apply the sheeting with the tape at the top of the wall. Drape the plastic sheeting down the walls and over any furniture (moving your furniture to the sides of the walls will allow more coverage and give you more space to work – but there is no need to clear the entire room.

Be sure to put plastic sheeting on the floor as well. Now you are ready to start the removal process!

Removing the Popcorn

This is the super easy part! Grab a weed or bug sprayer and be sure any chemicals are cleaned out. Now fill it with water. Simply spray the entire ceiling to get it wet. Once you have sprayed the ceiling, go back to your starting point.

Using a putty knife (6” wide works best), scrape away the popcorn! You’ll want to scrape the ceiling in only one direction using long, even strokes. This will prevent the putty knife from gouging the ceiling. Do not go back and forth!

Once you are done, fill any gouges with spackle or joint compound and prime the ceiling before painting. An oil-based primer works best but be sure you can open the windows as it has a very strong smell you’ll want to clear out of the room.

This whole process costs about $30 – $70.00 depending on the size of the room and how much plastic sheeting you need to buy. It is super simple to do yourself and save over $1,000!