Genius Ways to Organize Your Garage on a Tight Budget


Do you ever watch those commercials with high dollar garage organization systems and wish you could afford to buy them? There is nothing worse than trying to find a tool in a messy garage or tripping over things every time you walk through. We’ll show you some cheap and easy ways to get your garage in order, spending next to nothing to get it done!

Leftover Paint & Spray Paint

Instead of keeping the entire gallon of leftover paint you may or may not need down the road for touch up, pour it into a mason jar. They will seal the paint and keep it fresh – even fresher than in the paint can with the lid you dented up getting it open! Be sure to use new lids for the mason jars so the seals are good and write which room, color and brand/finish right on the lid.

For spray paint, use a shoe organizer mounted to the wall. You can fit two cans per organizer and easily find the color you want when you need it.

Long Handled Tools

You don’t need to buy the fancy storage rack to slide your long-handled tools into – such as rakes, brooms, hoes and paint extenders. Simply get a concrete forming tube which you can cut to any size you need. They stand up nicely in a garage and are perfect for storing long-handled tools.

If you don’t want to buy one for $7.00 – $10.00, reach out to a local print shop. Their material often gets delivered in tubes as sturdy as the concrete ones and they end up going to the trash. They are normally happy to let you take them off their hands!

Another way to store these is in a pallet. You can slide the handles right behind the pallet boards and it works like a charm!

Sports Equipment

Tennis Racquets, baseball bats, hockey sticks and other equipment with handles work well in the tubes as well. For balls, mount a few 2x4s shaped into a square at the top and bottom then put a few bungee cords going from each of the ‘squares’ to hold the balls in place. You can grab the one you want even if it’s at the bottom of the stack of balls.

Ceiling Storage

Last but not least, make use of the ceiling. If you buy u-channels and mount them to the width of storage bins, you can slide the storage bin right into the channel to store it overhead. Be sure to measure the height of the underside of the handle with the lid to ensure you buy channel with enough opening. This is great way to store holiday decor items, keepsakes and things you only use once in a great while.

Hand Tools

Peg boards are an excellent way to organize a lot of hand tools using minimal space. You can also use kitchen magnetic strips. Almost all hand tools will magnetize to the strip keeping it readily available and easy to find!