If you’ve ever scoured the web looking for a free vehicle history report, you likely ended paying for it one way or another by the end of your search. With VinFreecheck, you get a full vehicle history report absolutely free with no strings attached. Whether you are looking for your current vehicle’s specifications or buying a used car, VIN checks are invaluable.

What You Get

With VinFreecheck you get a comprehensive report for free. Find out detailed information about any car including the drive type, transmission, engine specifications, and steering type, as well as dimensions, seating capacity, and more. You’ll also know within seconds if the vehicle has a salvage or junk title.

See the latest odometer readings to make sure the vehicle’s odometer has not been tampered with, along with service records and title information. VinFreecheck will also tell if you if the vehicle has ever been in an accident or experienced hail or fire damage. Find out if there are any loans or liens on the vehicle, and know if anyone has ever filed for a lost or corrected title.

Make a Smart Purchasing Decision

On top of all that, you’ll also get real-time market pricing to prevent you from overpaying for a vehicle. VinFreeCheck scans car listing sites across North America to give you accurate pricing based on real-time data. Don’t get stuck paying more or get duped into a bad deal. Know the facts by running your free vehicle history report before you buy any used vehicle.

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