Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday Sales


The three big shopping days–Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday–have become one giant carnival of savings. From Thursday to Monday, you’ll find sales everywhere you look on just about anything you can possibly buy. But is there one particular day that is better for sales on certain products over another?


Thanksgiving is really the start of Black Friday madness. Many retailers choose to keep their doors closed as a sign of appreciation for their employees, but the few that open hope to get your business early. They’ll even launch unbelievable sales in the middle of the night just to get you off the couch and into the store. Even if the brick-and-mortar locations are not open, they’ll still launch their sales on their websites,  allowing you to shop and save Thanksgiving Day online.

If something you want does go on sale Thanksgiving, don’t wait until Friday to buy. Snag the deals quickly instead of hoping they’ll get better. Retailers do not generally make the bargains better once they launch a sale for a particular item. Waiting the extra day may keep you from getting one at all if they sell out before Black Friday begins.

Black Friday

The best deals you’ll score on Black Friday will be doorbuster deals. On the other hand, most stores stock only a limited number of their biggest bargains, so if you want that awesome TV or must-have toy, you’ll need to get there early.

If you are buying a TV, regardless of the brand, Black Friday is the very best day to score the lowest price. Cyber Monday will offer discounts on TVs, but they won’t be as good and there won’t be as many models on sale to choose from.

If you are buying hot toys, you’ll want to get them no later than Black Friday. The most popular toys of the season will go on sale and the supplies will run out. Other toys that are less popular can wait till closer to Christmas, and you’ll likely find better prices if you wait to buy.

Gaming bundles should also be bought on Black Friday as they will sell out. Some retailers will also offer exclusive Black Friday specials that get you free games and accessories –saving you tons over any other day of the year.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the best day to shop if you’re in the market for laptops, TVs, travel, and clothing. Statistically, you’ll get better deals on these items if you wait until then. If you’re looking for smart home devices or new phones, you’ll find equally great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.