Get the Best Prices on Black Friday – Price Comparison


Hoping to get the best deals on Black Friday? Start adding your wishlist to price a comparison tool now. Once the holiday sales begin, which is honestly anytime now, you’ll get notified of price drops so you can decide when to buy.

Although many products will see price decreases averaging around 20% to 30% on Black Friday, you may find those deals earlier if you are watching. It’s easy to set up a price comparison alert with Shop Savvy. You won’t even have to check prices at every retailer–just get the Shop Savvy app and wait for price drop notifications.

Shop Savvy

Shop Savvy is available for both iOS and Android. The concept is pretty simple, but it comes with powerful features to save you time and money. When you find a product you want to keep your eye on, simply scan the barcode and Shop Savvy will compare prices from nearby stores as well as online retailers.

I decided to test out the app and started scanning products from around my home to see just how much I could save using the app. I started with an iHome SmartPlug I had just purchased from Amazon for $22.99. After scanning the barcode, it presented prices from two local stores including an Apple Store and Bed Bath and Beyond. I also got prices from 15 online retailers for the exact same product.

What I found was shocking! Pricing for the exact same product ranged from $16 to $36.74. Since I have Amazon Prime, I still got a good deal on the plug because I didn’t have to pay for shipping. The $16 price is better at first glance, but the site offering the deal would have charged me a few bucks to ship. I won’t return it for the extra $2 I could have saved, but I certainly would have bought from the other store in the first place if I’d had the app prior to my purchase.

Add to Watch List

The Shop Savvy app also allows you to save items and enable notifications. With holiday sales and Black Friday fast approaching, this is a great way to keep an eye on price drops for items on your holiday shopping list.  If you don’t have a barcode handy, you can simply search for products by name and add them to your list. If a store drops the price, you’ll be notified immediately.

This tool can also be used at a ton of different stores that offer price matching. If you are getting ready to buy, simply scan the barcode and you’ll have all the information you need to get a price match and pay less.