Black Friday Tablet Deals–How to Choose the Best Bargain


With Black Friday just around the corner, it’s a great time to consider buying a new tablet. But which one should you get?

You’ll nave different requirements if you plan to hand over the tablet to the kids to watch movies and play games versus if you’re looking for a super-fast processor to replace your home computer. Black Friday is an excellent time to buy tablets as every different type of device will be on sale. Knowing the pros and cons of various tablets before you shop will help you choose one that will fit your needs and budget.

Choosing a Tablet

Determine what you’ll use the tablet for the most. If you are looking to use it for work, including basic email and communication, check out two-in-one tablets with a detachable keyboard. For game playing, watching videos, and viewing photos, you’ll want to look at the storage capacity to ensure it has enough space to accommodate everything.

Check the general features as well as form and function and be sure it has what you need. If the device will be used by young kids, make sure it’s rugged enough to withstand the mishaps that will inevitably occur. For simple things like binge-watching your favorite shows, look for tablets with high-definition displays and check to ensure your favorite apps are supported.

Speaking of high-definition screens, iPads and Lenovo tablets are the consumer choice. Android devices drop a bit in price, but may not have support for all the apps you want (and in some cases, the apps may not work as well). The most economical devices are the Fire tablets–as long as you are OK with built-in ads. Getting a top-quality device for less may be worth the sacrifice of seeing a few ads here and there.

Two-in-One Tablets

Windows two-in-one tablets are a great choice if you want to replace your primary desktop. If you’re looking to run Windows Apps, such as Office, a Windows tablet is your best choice for compatibility. They also include the handy clip-on keyboards, which give them a consumer edge for those looking to use their tablets for work and communication.